Trailing vinca hanging basket

Light, outside: Sun, colors, pink, Purple, Red, White, water.
Like other varieties, it holds up to heat and drought like a champ.
There are two main species grown: Vinca major and.Tip of the day Make a big impact to entryways by planting flowering shrubs in containers.Theyre known for their disease resistance.It grows 20 inches tall and 15 inches wide.Email us and one of our flower gardening experts will get back to you.A standout in the vinca world, Soiree Double White features twice the usual number of petals, giving it a frilly, full look.Watch out for plants that have materasso sconto pale green or yellowing leaves; this is often a sign that the plant was stressed.Catharanthus 'Cora White cool off your garden with the icy-white flowers of Cora White annual vinca.

Because theyre shade-loving groundcovers, perennial vincas are particularly insieme per vincere sviluppo lazio well suited for woodland gardens, planting along slopes, and as a turf alternative.
Imagine a hanging basket overflowing with bright pink blooms all summer long.
Catharanthus Cora Cascade Magenta, for hanging baskets or large containers you cant go wrong with Cora Cascade Magenta annual vinca.
As you might guess from the name, Vinca major is larger than its cousin.Deer/rabbit resistant, complement your Vinca, Annual with these varieties: Verbena, verbena and Annual Vinca are a pretty combination in pots and planters.Its typically better to buy plants that arent in bloom - that way the vinca can put more energy into getting established in your outdoor space rather than splitting its energy between becoming established and blooming.Well thats what youll get when you grow Cora Cascade Strawberry annual vinca.These plants have the botanical name Catharanthus and are bred from a heat- and drought-tolerant, sun-loving species from Madagascar.Angelonia, pair Angelonia and Annual Vinca in the same container.Plants that excel in containers include hydrangea, hibiscus, and roses.Cora Red is an upright variety that will grow 14-16 inches tall.